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  • Individual instruction at  hourly rates
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Private individual  or group instruction is available at the rate of $10.00 per hour. Periodic classes are offered for specific  projects on scheduled dates..

Choose your glass colors and types to suit your personal preference for any items you see in the shop or design your own.  .A custom order will require 2 to 6 weeks for completion, depending on the complexity of the design of the order.

Studio and classroom located in the Crafts Guild Shop at the Antique Center Plaza on Rt 5, Leonardtown, MD


stained glass studio

Custom Orders

Repair work fees are $10.00 per hour plus the cost of materials.


26005 Point Lookout Road, Leonardtown, MD  |   301-373-8752  |  ardithyoung@earthlink.net

ARDY'​S Creations

Stained & fused glass